SCHOOL YEAR 2023 – 2024

Sixth Class Graduation will take place Wednesday 19th June 2024.

Parent/Teacher meeting will take place on Thursday 16th November 2023 from 2.30pm. School will close at 2.15pm on this day.


  • MID-TERM: Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November (inclusive)
  • DECEMBER: School closes for Christmas Holidays Friday 22nd December
    Re-opening Monday 8th January’24
  • FEBRUARY Monday 5th February’24
  • MID-TERM: Thursday 15th & Friday 16th February ‘24
  • MARCH: Monday 18th March ‘24
  • EASTER: Monday 25th March to Friday 5th April ‘24 (inclusive)
  • MAY: Monday 6th May ’24
  • JUNE: Monday 3rd June’24
  • SUMMER: Closing Friday 21st June’24


Dear Parent/s,

The Education Welfare Act of 2000 obliges the principal of a school to notify the Education Welfare Board when a pupil in the school has been absent during the school year for twenty (20) days.

It does not matter what the absence/s relate to, the notification must be sent once twenty days have elapsed or been reached.

The Education Welfare Officer should then contact the parents/guardians to discuss these absences.

Once the 20 days have been reached, commencing the school-year 2023-24 I will notify the Education Welfare Board. Subsequent absences above this number will also be notified.

Notes from Parents/Guardians explaining the reasons for all absences will be filed in the school, as per regulations. Absences/reasons may also be recorded directly on the Aladdin App.

Taking children from school for holidays other than the regulated holiday breaks is not good practice. It causes disruption to the pupil’s education programme, problems for the class teacher’s programme of work and it is not always possible to find time to revisit in a suitable manner new material or new concepts dealt with while a pupil was absent.

I would request that you take serious consideration of all of these matters if considering holiday breaks during school time.

All notes must give the reason and date of absence. Due to storage constraints *PLEASE USE RELEVANT SECTION IN THE BACK OF THE SCHOOL DIARY or RECORD DIRECTLY ON THE ALADDIN APP.*

Dónal Kelly