Holycross Tramore Amber Flag 1

The wellbeing of both students and staff is very important to us in Holy Cross. This year we were successful in our application for an Amber Flag. This recognised the steps we are taking in the school to ensure the wellbeing of all. To find out more about this initiative, please click here.

Our Sensory Room is a fantastic facility which greatly enhances the wellbeing of our students with additional needs. Students have supervised access to the Sensory Room when they need some quiet time, or when they are finding the classroom environment overwhelming. We also have a Sensory Corridor to help children better self-regulate. It’s another great facility that students can use to take movement breaks if they are finding the classroom environment difficult.

Thanks to the fantastic work of staff members a Values and Wellbeing programme was created and piloted in our school where every week a different value is focused on. This is accompanied by a quote that pertains to our value and each month we have a song that correlates to the theme we are working on. This programme has proven to be very popular across the school community and is being rolled out across other schools in the country.

Read more from the Department of Education’s Wellbeing Framework Policy here.

Holycross Tramore Amber Flag
Holycross Tramore WellBeing
Holycross Tramore Wellbeing Amber Flag Board